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Grace Church cares-
About Hunger
The Grace Church’s Hunger ministries aim is to ensure that our neighbors have basic foods each week.  We strive to become disciples of Jesus Christ by obeying Christ’s command to feed the hungry & spread Christ’s message. Church members give of their time & gifts to support food drives & feeding ministries with our partner agencies such as local grocery stores.  As a church we believe that access to food is at the center of Christian ministry.

We offer:
Grace Cares food pantry

A weekly Grace Cares food pantry gives out bags filled with staples to replenish the food supply for families and individuals.  Our Grace Cares food pantry  (at Grace –Alamogordo) is open every Thursday (except Federal Holidays) from 9:00 AM—11:00 AM. Our Tularosa Methodist church holds a food pantry on Tuesdays from 10:00 AM—noon. The pantry at Tularosa is open every week EXCEPT the first Tuesday of the month.

Shared Table free, community-wide meal 

Our Shared Table meal is held on Saturdays from 11:30 AM—1:00 PM at the Grace-Alamogordo Fellowship Hall.  This is a free, filling, sit-down meal in our Fellowship Hall.  The atmosphere is friendly, offering food and friendship to all who come each week. 

Several times a year food drives are held to support various ministries either at Grace Church or in our local area. For example, our Super Bowl Sunday food drive helps refill the shelves at Grace or other agencies such as the Salvation Army.

Please call the Grace  Church office at  437-7640 for more information, to donate or to volunteer.


Grace Cares Ministries

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