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​Talk With Your Family 

Faithweavers new spring series starts Feb 25th goes thru May 20.

All parents, grandparents, and guardians are invited to this unique multi generational Sunday School class at 10:00 AM Sundays while

your children/youth are in their Sunday School class. The lessons parallel each other so you learn what they are. This gives you the perfect way to ask questions and bring the lesson to life at home.

For the weekly lessons look below

​​​​Sunday Services at

Tularosa UMC

11:00 AM

Week 1              Feb 25             Mark 8: 31-38               Commit to Follow Jesus

Week 2              Mar 4              John 2: 13-22                 God Wants Sincere Worship

Week 3              Mar 11             John 3: 12-21                 Jesus Came to Save Us 

Week 4              Mar 18            Mark 12: 41-44              Give Cheerfully to God 

Week 5              Mar 25            Mark 11: 1-11                 Jesus Is Our King 

Week 6              Apr 1               Mark 16: 1-8                  Jesus Is Alive  

​Week 7               Apr 8              John 20: 19-31               Believe In Jesus  

​Week 8              Apr 15             1 Cor. 12: 4-27               God Gives Us Gifts to Serve Him 

​Week 9              Apr 22             Acts 4: 5-14                   Trusting God Makes Us Brave 

Week 10             Apr 29            Acts 8: 26-40                Follow Where God Leads  

​Week 11             May 6              Acts 10: 1-44                 Tell Everyone About Jesus     

Week 12             May 13            Acts 11: 19-26                Encourage Each Other 

Week 13             May 20            Acts 2: 1-21                   God Gives Us The Holy Spirit          

​Read Philippians 2 : 5 - 8 with your family and discuss these questions.

1)  What does this Scripture help you understand about Jesus' identity? 

​2)  What difference does it make to understand who Jesus is and what he did? 

​3)  What can you do to know Jesus better?  

​If people want to know what God is like, they can look at Jesus.  If they want to know what Jesus is like, they can look at his followers.  Can people see Christ in You?  Share ways you've seen Jesus through your family members.  Pray that just as Jesus was a light that illuminated God, you'll reflect his light to those around you. 

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