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Note: Missing dates occur when there is no Sunday sermon.

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  • generations - lived in faith19:35
  • generations revealed in prayer23:21
  • generations - grounded in gratitude19:26
  • Still Searching15:54
  • Your Light Has Come18:37
  • Mary's Song21:09
  • Zechariah's Song18:29
  • Beginnings Final Blessings 11/22/1522:39
  • Beginnings: Do This and Live 11/15/1519:23
  • Beginnings: Battling against God 11/8/1520:46

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday

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                 February 14th

                            Pastor Dustin Wilhite


Traditional Service @ 8:30 am

The Branch @ 11:00 am

To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

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Grace United Methodist Church

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